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Ham 316
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The Netherlands
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Dry Plant
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Łamanie lodu w porcie Kołobrzeg
Acta Marine Remedial Lowering of Cables and Pipelines
Anchorhandling with the Andre-B on the Irish Sea
Coastal Tug 'Llanddwyn Island' Roscoff, Brittany, France 9th April 2010
Coastworks "Challenger of Leith" Multicat type workboat
départ drapor bouregreg
Damen Shoalbuster 2208 S (River Thames London)
Dina M - Stemat Marie Service DeMOLITION Jetty uk
DN 81
Dredger boat being lifted / craned from harbour onto low loader lorry
Dredging the Enter Coastal Waterway
Dutch Pearl, Abeko Server 3 & Baloe - Timelapse
HvS Dredging Support BV, MULTICAT
Hydrofoil Boat 36ft 7 ton AL Catamaran runs at 51 mph
KW Trans Destiny 2e Coentunnel Amsterdam
KW Trans Discovery Finland
kwtrans , destiny met dikke bries op westerschelde
Launching of Coastal Challenger - by Jos Klik
m/b "Morświn"
Marineco Baloo Moving stone barge different angle
Megan M bad
Mijn stuurhut op multicat
Mistral 150510.wmv
Multicat Alec.D,Newport
Multicat Coastal Boxer sailing new extension Europort
Multicat Coastal Enterprise.wmv
Multicat El Jadida Duiker
Multicat Marineco Hathi Time lapse Barge Move in Rotterdam
multicat noorzee 01
Multicat working on Dredger Pipeline
Odin & HAM 316
Offloading anchor from deck Sea Alfa ( Seacontractors )
Ramsgate Harbour - Bever Shoalbuster
Regiobijeenkomst Damen shipyard, Gorinchem 18 oktober 2011
Relief as vessel rescued
sailing the North sea
Sea Alfa ( Seacontractors )
Sea Alfa @ work
Sea Alfa and Svanen ( Seacontractors )
Sea Alfa with anchor ( Seacontractors )
Seacontractors fast multi- catamaran
sgt pepper 2
Shoalbuster Tarka3
Sohar Bulk Jetty 2010 2011 multicat Zwerver I
STEMAT Multicat "Inge J"
STEMAT Multicat "Inge J"
STEMAT Multicat "KIM K"
STEMAT Multicat Kim K
Tug André-B towing in the north sea
Tugboat and barge u-turn
Tugboat and dredging equipment passing Dockside Restaurant, September 20, 2010